Thursday, July 30, 2009

Manner of guests, brief steps having sweets

Good morning everyone! I took pictures for manner for having sweets at yesterday lesson. I think you will look smart if you can do this naturally as courtesy.

1. Bow when sweets are served

I think Hiro needs a little more practice for bowing. See our master's bow is much beautiful than Hiro's. You don't want to curl your back and neck when you bow; you bend your hip and tilt your upper body with strait back.

2. Make a bow to other guest(s) when the host starts purifying the tea whisk. It has meaning of “Excuse me for going before you “.

3. Make a bow to the host when the host finishes purifying the tea whisk.

4. Take one of the sweets with the chopsticks to your kaishi (packet of paper). Put the chopsticks back to the bowl and pass the bowl to the next guest

5. Eat the sweet using your sweet pick.

6. Put away your sweet pick and kaishi

Take care.

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