Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What do you enjoy about greeting tea?

I kind of look forward to greeting drink and snack at ryokan, Japanese hotel. They are nothing special; just ordinary green tea and sweets. But they relieve the weariness of my trip. After a long drive, relishing tea over viewing Japanese garden or flowers at *tokonoma makes me feel relaxed. Woo, I sound like an old man, haha… (^^;;

*tokonoma: alcove in a traditional Japanese room where art or flowers are displayed

Konnichiwa, it’s meヽ(^。^)ノ I went to Gero hot spring resort in Gifu prefecture, again. The ryokan we stayed at this time was Shogetu. After passing through nice-looking gates, we were led to their lobby with a favorable court garden. I was impressed by the cozy space and the view there. Shogetsu is located at uptown of Gero city, so from the lobby you can see a great panoramic view of the city over the garden. We were sitting down while facing to the view. They also have a small inner garden behind where we were seated. It really helps to create a lovely Japanese air. We had the greeting tea there. The confection was good. I don’t quite remember the taste of the tea, but you know what? I remembered the special moment in the great environment and the view. So, I think that enjoying tea is not just only about the tea. At the same time, you also enjoy the atmosphere and savor the special moment with the tea. I have to say that I had an excellent greeting tea at Shogetsu. Jah!

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