Monday, May 30, 2011

Confection named suiren, water lily

Last Friday, we have entered into the rainy season which usually lasts for about one and a half months. It started about two weeks earlier than usual. In Japan, the Meteorological Agency officially announces when the rainy season start. We Japanese seem conscious of the seasons.

Konnichiwa, It’s meヽ(^。^)ノ We do have a lot of seasonal things in our cultures. Japanese traditional confectionary is one of them. You can find many confections with seasonal designs.

What I got last Friday was a confection named suiren, water lily. Suiren is the flower that blooms on water in this season.

Google search result for 睡蓮 suiren >>>

Doesn’t this depict the water and the flower very well? You can find scenery in a confection. I love this type of character in Japanese sweets.

It’s usually served at natural temperature. The dark part looks like a stone basin for me. The clear jelly part looks like water. Green leaf and the blooms are floating on it. The stone basin is made of been past which is pretty sweet. I enjoyed the comparison of two different textures when I put it in my mouth. Just having a confection, my tea time has been three times fascinating^^ Jah!

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