Monday, May 16, 2011

Tea that you might impulsively buy

If you were a tea producer, how would you name your tea? What kind of name do you think attracts your customers? How about your favorite brand of green tea? What’s its name?

Konnichiwa, it’s meヽ(^。^)ノ On the way home from Gero trip, we stopped by a confectionery shop, called Ena-Kawakamiya. It is one of the most popular shops making kurikinton, chestnuts-confection. I found interestingly named green tea there. They are sweets shop, so tea is not a major merchandise in their selection. I guess they are not just selling sweets but they are also trying to provide enriched time with sweets. That’s why they came up to sell their own brand of green tea. I love that idea.

Usually, tea is named by its origin, type, grade or breed. For example: premium sencha from Uji, Kyoto; or something like that. Anyway, I liked the way they named their tea. You might want to get the tea impulsively by its name. The name of their tea was “Tea for Japanese confection”! How nice! It doesn’t say it’s sencha but it explains what type of sweets it can go with and why. Please imagine that pretty confections displayed in show cases and you find this tea at their store. You have to buy the tea as well. Jah!

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