Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tasting tea at a tea shop, Chadegozaru

Do you have a tea shop in your neighborhood? Are they good guides for your tea exploring?

The other day, I went to a teashop called “Chadegozaru” in a shopping mall. At the front of the store, the first tea of the year is piled.

They have sample leaves shown next to the packages on the shelves.

They provide tea tasting, as well. These are helpful in assisting customers to find the tea they’re looking for. I actually tasted three different teas and purchase two of them ^^

You can tell the quality of tea by the appearance of the leaves on some level but I’d rather taste it before I make a purchase. So, I prefer tea shops that offer tea tasting. I’m sometimes surprised by the flavors that I’ve tasted. I really enjoy it. I’m excited when I unexpectedly find nice umami in the tea. Sometimes, I’m disappointed with boring flavors or the robust bitterness that the tea has. Also, different preparations by different staff bring out different tastes. I enjoy discovering various teas at those tastings. I hope you have a chance to experience tea tasting.

Chadegozaru webpage (Japanese) >>>

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