Thursday, January 13, 2011

Matcha on the go

今朝(けさ)は寒(さむ)かったぁ(+o+) -3℃でした。車(くるま)のフロントガラスの霜(しも)がハンパない。。。

I sometimes visit my grandpa at the nursing home. I of course visited him on New Year’s with my family.

My grandpa is hard of hearing, so we can’t have smooth conversations. But we do not need many words when we have tea together. We can communicate through tea, so I sometimes bring my tea set and serve him matcha. He is very happy when we do that. It’s nothing special. It is just an ordinary tea time, letting him choose a confection from the various and colorful sweets, preparing matcha in front of him and drinking it together. The natural moment spending with family over tea is the greatest pleasure and makes us smile. Not many words but we are definitely communicating though tea.

I think Japanese tea is a powerful tool for communication and peace. I think matcha should not only be served in a nice tea room or at a formal tea ceremony. You only need a whisk of tea and a tea bowl. You can take them anywhere you go and have peaceful time with your significant others. Why don’t you go out with your tea set and have fun?

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