Thursday, December 2, 2010

Choosing Japanese Tea 4

These are the few suggestions for choosing Japanese tea for beginners.

 Try sencha first
 What grade to choose
 Two major types of sencha
 Good leaves and bad leaves
 Reliable tea shops

I talked about the fist four tips in the past three days. I recommended you to try some futsu-sencha and fukamushi-sencha of nice middle grade, which should have profound color and uniform thin spindle-shaped tea leaves. The last tip is …

 Reliable tea shops
I strongly recommend you to buy green tea from reliable tea shops. I think it is pretty important. If you don’t, you might end up buying poor quality tea. I sometimes hear some supermarkets or tea shops overseas don’t know how to handle green tea.
In Japan, some tea shops have some sample leaves to show customers. Some of them even offer free tastings. You want to buy from those who are knowledgeable and can give you some advice. You might not have a good Japanese tea shop in your town and have to buy on the internet but still dealing with good shops is important. I’m not an expert on buying tea online, so I can’t tell you any particular online shops. I have done a quick research for Japanese online shops before. Check out my past blog; Japanese green-tea online shops >>>

In conclusion for choosing Japanese tea, I recommend you to try some futsu-sencha and fukamushi-sencha of nice middle grade for first tea. Good sencha leaves should have profound color and uniform thin spindle-shaped leaves and buy them at reliable tea shops. Then you will know what Japanese green tea is like and the basics of Japanese tea. You could try some other types of Japanese tea for the next step. You could try anything you like, could be much high-grade sencha, tamaryokucha, gyokuro or kukicha. You will notice the profoundness of Japanese tea as you explore. Enjoy!

On the previous post about “Choosing Japanese tea”, I mentioned about the prices of sencha. They were Japanese domestic price so the prices in your country or importing to your country may be a little expensive than what I have mentioned.

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