Monday, December 27, 2010

Gyokuro prepared like sencha

When I went to Uji, Kyoto, I bought a package of sencha, called Soencha. Now I’m having that tea at home. It has very rich umami. I think it is more like kabusecha rather than sencha. To bring out its rich and savory flavor, I brew the tea with plenty of leaves. I really like Soencha, and now I’m pretty into it.

I am curious if I can brew the similar taste of tea with other leaves as well. Gyokuro has rich umami so I wondered if gyokuro will taste like Soench by preparing it with plenty of 70degC water. I mean I’m preparing gyokuro by sencha-brewing method.

*** Condition ***
Tea: gyokuro 7g
Water: 70degC, 200ml
Brewing time: 2 min

This is the tea I brewed. It was not terrible but not good. This is not high-grade gyokuro, so I found a little unpleasant taste in the brewed tea. It had rich umami but it didn’t have a good bitterness. Without the bitterness, the tea got too mellow. My experiment was a failure (^_^;) I want to try it again with higher temperature of water to bring out more bitterness.

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