Thursday, June 10, 2010

Teas from the expressway

Do you have to pay for throughways in your country? Japanese expressway is toll way. We drove to Kamakura and Hakone, and took the expressway. The toll from Hakone (Atsugi) to our home (Setoshinano) was about 6000yen. I think it is expensive. The distance was roughly 300km. There are some rest stops on the expressway. At the rest stops, there are food stands, restaurants, and gift shops. You will also find free tea fountains (^-^) You can have free sencha and hojicha. It’s nice. I like it.

When we take the expressway towards Tokyo, we drive through Shizuoka prefecture where the largest tea production area in Japan is. You can see some tea fields along the way. The poles standing in the field have fans on the top of them. They are to prevent from frost damage.

There is our favorite rest stop on the way. It is Fujikawa service area. The reason is Mt. Fuji. You can see Mt. Fuji from the rest stop. We could not see it on this trip because of the cloud, like the picture on the left. We took the picture on the right about two years ago on another tirp.

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