Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pictures from the Kamakura trip

Sorry today’s post is not related to tea, just some pictures from the Kamakura trip.

There are shopping streets in the downtown. There were gift shops, cafés, restaurants and Japanese-style confection stores. It was interesting area to visit.

We visited Tsuruokahachimangu shrine. It is a popular place for tourists, but It was not so appealing to me.

We saw a couple having a Japanese Shinto-style wedding at Tsuruokahachimangu. They looked happy. My best wishes for their future happiness together!

We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant, Matsubara-an, which has been remade from an old folk house into a restaurant. So, it has a very traditional look. Our table was in a tatami room. We loved the house and dishes! I can recommend this restaurant to you.

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