Monday, October 26, 2009

Tea time at Saturday night

Hi, everyone! How was your weekend? We opened a new package of sencha at Saturday night which we bought by tasting two weeks ago. This is the expensive one, hand-picked sencha. The sencha was much different from what we have usual. The brewed tea was much clear and golden in the hue. The taste was very smooth and light. We loved it. We enjoyed the peaceful evening with the tea and confectionery from our favorite store.

After the tea time, we watched rental DVD. Movies and TV dramas are always good English studying materials for me. The last TV drama I had watched was HEROS season one. A friend of mine told me that the season two was not good as season one. And the story was a little difficult as my studying materials. So, I haven’t tried season two yet. Have you seen the season two? How was it? I like more easy and fun dramas, something like “Friends” or “Ugly Betty”. Anyway, we watched five episodes of UGLY BETTY in Saturday night and ten episodes on Sunday! It was a BETTY weekend!! Have a good day!

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