Friday, October 16, 2009

Explore different brewing!

Hi, everyone! Are you enjoying Japanese teas? Since I stared Everyone’s Tea, I’m always thinking how to enjoy teas, how to brew better tea, or how to please my guests with tea. It's pretty fun. Aren’t you brewing a tea always in a same way? Try to explore more of Japanese tea. You can get totally different brewed teas by different brewing ways even from a same tea leaf. Change the amount of tea leaves and water you usually use. Try different temperature of water and brewing time. You will be surprised how different brewed tea you can get.

Try this! For Umami
Tea leaves: Use more than usual
Water amount: Less than usual
Temperature of water: Lower than usual
Brewing time: Longer than usual
Speaking in the extreme, I sometime use cold water for sencha and do 10 minutes brewing.

Try this! For refreshing tea
Tea leaves: Use less than usual
Water amount: same as usual
Temperature of water: Boiling water
Brewing time: Much shorter than usual

You might not get satisfied result at once. There are millions of combinations for brewing condition. The process of finding your favorite brewing for your tea will be fun. Enjoy!!

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