Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tea set from Tokoname traditional craftsman

Good morning everyone! A big typhoon passed away my region this early morning. I was relieved that we didn’t got any damages.

This weekend, I received a tea set from Tokoname teapot artist which I ordered as a sample for my shop. This tea set is for gyokuro or high-quality sencha. The handle less teapot is called hohin. High grade teas are usually enjoyed with this kind of small teapot and cups. I was impressed with the perfect dripless spout of the teapot, and fine finish. That is the work of certified traditional craftsman. But I was not quite satisfied with this tea set. I want teapot little smaller and water cooler little bigger. And the design is needed some modification. I might ask the artist to reform the size and design, or look for some other new tea set. We’ll see. Take care!

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