Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tea tasting at a tea shop

Hi, everyone! My daily tea at home is long-steamed sencha. So I’ve wanted to try some regular-steamed sencha. This weekend I went to a tea shop to look for them. The tea shop displays sample leaves and provides tea tasting. Tea tasting of cause, displaying sample leaves at a shop is pretty helpful to compare and find teas. I found four teas I was interested in, and a clerk offered me tasting them.

1. Hand-picked sencha
Very natural taste, The most expensive and most beautiful tea leaves in these four

2. Honyama sencha from Shizuoka
Distinct rich umami

3. Yame sencha from Kyushu
Smart light taste, Prize-winning sencha

4. Kawane sencha from Shizuoka
Comfortable bitterness and umami, Similar to my long-steamed sencha

I purchased 1.Hand-picked sencha and 2.Honyama sencha. I though the first taste for 1.Hand-picked sencha was too natural, but it means it doesn’t have any “impure" taste. It could have a big potential for many different taste by different way of brewing, I thought. The reason I chose 2.Honyama sencha was rich umami and distinctive taste. It is because I was looking for something different from my long-steamed sencha.

I still have some my long-steamed sencha left. After I use it all, I’ll open these new sencha. I’m really looking forward to them!! Take care.

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