Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A new-style Japanese cafe

Hi, everyone!

The other day, we found a cafe of Japanese tea. It was not rustic, more contemporary style. These days, this kind of café is getting popular. I've always wanted to go there. My understanding is that traditional cafes are place to enjoy Japanese sweets, and tea just comes with them. So there is not much choice for tea. But this new style cafes is a place to enjoy Japanese teas, sencha, matcha and hojicha. So they have some different kinds of tea brands you can choose from.

We ordered green tea cheese cake, green tea ice-cream, and iced sencha (yame tea from Kyushu). We loved the sencha. First, I liked how they served the tea. It came with wine cooler and wine glass. It looked cool, and we could enjoy the tea cold through the end. I was also surprised with the rich aroma. Usually, it’s difficult to enjoy aroma with iced-tea. But this cold water brewed tea had rich and full-flavor. I really enjoyed the delicious iced tea in the relaxed atmosphere. I want to come to this kind of cafe again!

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