Monday, August 17, 2009

Trip to Nagano and Gifu

How are you doing, everyone?

We went to a trip to Nagano and Gifu. There was a lot of nature.

I had zarusoba noodle again. It’s my favorite.

Visited Tsumago, which is an old post station. Now it has been touristy, and they have restaurants, cafes, and gift shops in the historical-looking street. It was interesting place to visit.

We found a place that you can try to make soba noodle at next to our hotel!! It was much fun than we expected.

Even it was little vary in thickness, I think we did good for the first time(^-^)

Sencha came in a yunomi cup at a cafe way home. The café has very nice Japanese garden with white gravels and beautiful green moss. It was my favorite style garden. I don’t find many cafés that has such a nice garden.

Have a nice day!

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