Friday, August 21, 2009

Putting match from a natsume to a tea bowl

How are you doing everyone?

Do you casually drink matcha at home? You might not need to know the proper way to scoop matcha, but if you know it, you could impress your friends!

Pick up the teascoop with right hand.
Hold natsume with left hand.
Open the lid with the hand holding the teascoop.

Place the lid next to the tea bowl on the right

Scoop matcha and put into the tea bowl.
Do it twice for one and half scoops
This is how much one scoop looks like.

Flick off the excess matcha remained on the teascoop by gently hitting the tea bowl edge twice

Put the lid back by the right hand with holding the teascoop
Put down the natsume and place the teascoop on top of it

Did you acquire these movements? Now you are a master of ceremonial tea!!

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