Monday, August 24, 2009

Difference between hard and gentle pouring

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I read an article about how the way of pouring tea effects to the taste. The article says that the tea will be milder in taste when you gently pour hot water into the teapot and brewed tea into a tea cup. And you will have stronger and bitterer tea with hard pouring. How interesting! Don’t you think? I know may books say “pour tea gentry”, but I have never been so serious about it. Now I have to try it myself.

1g of sencha
80ml 100 degree C water
2 minutes brewing
I tried two way of pouring, hard and gentle with condition above.

Hard pouring: pour swiftly from height

Gently pouring
: slowly tilting the kettle and teapot, and pour quietly

I got disappointed result. I could not find evident differences.
I was expecting the hard pouring tea would get darker in color. But actually, I couldn’t find any big differences, or the gentle pouring tea was even little darker (on the right in the picture). The taste of the first sip for hard pouring tea was that bitterness came first and I could taste sweetness afterward. The gentle pouring tea was smoother, but I had bitterness in aftertaste. Then I tried many sipping to find out more differences, but I could not find any but bitterness.

I made two big mistakes to fail this experimentation.
First, I could not give fair comparison. I brewed the hard pouring tea first and then gentle pouring, so the hard pouring tea got little colder when I tasted. The temperate of tea gave a huge effect to the taste. And second, I made the both tea bitter. I used hot boiling water and brewed for two minutes to bring out the taste and aroma well. But, it worked negatively even I used few tealeaves. I’m so disappointed. I need to try this again under another condition.

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