Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Iced matcha latte at home

I sometimes enjoy matcha with milk and sugar. Iced matcha latte is easy and delicious. When you get tired of iced café-latte, try this out! It will be your alternative.

Put 4-5 scoops of matcha with a tea scoop into a tea bowl, and sugar if you want.
Actually, I use synthetic sweetener, not sugar. It dissolves easily in cold water and low calorie in addition. Sugar may not dissolve well, so it’s better to add syrup in the end instead of putting sugar here.

Mix the matcha and cold milk with a tea whisk

It is easier to mix with small amount of milk (about 100ml) first, and add more milk (another 100ml or so) after. Immediately rinse the tea whisk with running water really well; remained milk component can be a cause of getting mold.

Pour into a glass with ice cubes

Have a nice day!

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