Monday, June 25, 2012

Cold sencha brewing

How do you prepare cold sencha in the summer?

Easiest way will be preparing strong sencha with hot water and pouring it into a glass with a lot of ice cubes.  The brewed tea is very refreshing but it could sometimes taste too bitter.  It might be a little difficult to control the strength or flavor of tea. 
Another way will be brewing sencha with cold water over a night.  The tea prepared in this way will be very smooth, but it could sometimes be too mild.  The problem is that I don’t want to wait for such long time. 
What is your way?

This year, I’m into another method for preparing cold sencha.  It is just in between those two methods in taste and effort in preparing.  The flavor is exquisite.  It has a sweetness of good umami but it also has an ample amount of bitterness.  I’m pretty pleased with it and lately I enjoy my tea with this method in the office.

I have been preparing this tea by the rule of thumb.  I’ll measure the actual conditions and introduce them on the next entry.


  1. Hi,
    I do it almost every day, to bring cold sencha(kukicha) to work.
    I do it over the night in cold water.
    Cca 5g for 0,5l bottle.
    It's new for me, so I'm experimenting as well.
    But I like the taste..

    1. Thanks for your recipe! 5g for 0.5L That sounds good. I'll try it tonight. I don't have kukicha at the momet, so I'll try it with regular sencha.

  2. I think both methods would be better than just cold brew...mostly because with cold brew, I have read, many of the good benefits of the tea are not released into the water. I am not sure how warm or how long a steep is required to release the good stuff but perhaps somewhat hotter. In any case that isn't why I drink tea, cold or hot, it is because I love it.

    I love the glass in the last photo above, which looks like a beer glass but looks perfectly refreshing!

    1. I actually bought the glass for beer! hahaha (^0^)