Friday, October 22, 2010

Temomicha that I made

We call hand-kneaded tea teamomicha. (Or should I say “hand-rubbed”? Would someone tell me correct English?) The tea on the right is the temomicha that we made at the temomicha workshop. On the left is average sencha. The temomicha is very good in shapes and profound in color.

The leaves we used this temomicha were excellent ones, which were higher-ranking tea in this year tea contest. It should have become great temomicha. It had mellow flavor with rich umami. But, I didn’t like the teamomicha we made. Unfortunately it has a bad flavor of heat damage (+o+) It was made by some beginners including me. Maybe, we were too slow kneading, I don’t know. I’m so disappointed with the taste.


  1. Hello! Looking at your videos, I would say that what went on in video 3 definitely looked like kneading (like making dough for bread), but some of the other stages looked more like rubbing. I think hand-kneaded sounds better in English maybe, as hand-rubbed sounds a little odd. That's just my opinion though. :o)

  2. Hi, zingiber1000-san

    Thank you so much for your advice on English!! I always have difficulty describing things in English (^_^;)

    So you think that “hand-kneaded” sounds more natural in English. I really appreciate your opinion. It was an adequate explanation upon checking the videos. It helped me to understand the difference between neading and rubbing. Thank you (^-^)

  3. It's my pleasure! Thanks for writing such an interesting blog.

  4. Thanksヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ