Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Iga Ninja Museum

Today's post is not related to tea, sorry. It's a journal of my Mie trip.
Iga city is well known for ninja. We went to Iga Ninja Museum. It is a small museum of ninja. There was a ninja house, and it looked like a simple farm dwelling. They showed some hidden traps and escape routes in the house on a little tour.

Hidden revolving door

Hidden sword under floor

Iga Ninja Museum webpage >>>

We also visited to Iga-Ueno castle next to the museum.
Iga-Ueno castle webpage (Japanese) >>>

View from the castle


  1. Wow, it looks nice. May i know how to go to this Ikaru Ninja Museum from Nara using Kansai Thru Pass?
    What activities can we doing at there? ^^

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