Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mushroom soup in a teapot?

It’s cloudy and cool today. The season for autumn leaves just started in our area. It also the season for Matsutake mushrooms! It is a popular and expensive mushroom in Japan. I had a chance to have Matsutake last night. They were Matsutake rice, Matsutake soup, and grilled Matsutake. They were good, or I think they were good because they are expensive (^.^;) But they weren’t bad at all actually. I really love the soup.

Anyway, you might notice that the soup is in a teapot. This type of pot is called dobin. Of cause, dobin is used as teapots, but sometimes used for soup. The soup made in dobin called dobinmushi. I like dobinmushi. It’s nice to have the soup as pouring it into a little cup yourself (^-^)

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