Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Japanese sweets café, Kaya in Nakatsugawa Gifu prefecture

We visited a Japanese confectionary shop, Suya in Nakatsugawa on the way back from the previous trip from Nagiso. On the trip we bought some sweets there, but didn’t stop by the café next door. So, this time I wanted to visit the café. The café is called Kaya, and had the nice atmosphere with trees around. In front of the entrance, some sweets were cooled with water in a basin, which created the air of coolness. I thought you could have matcha and some sweets from the confectionary shop next door, actually you could not. Kaya offers traditional Japanese sweets, such as anmitsu, zenzai, oshiruko and so on. I loved their sweets. They were really good. I want to come visit here again!

Anmitsu, this is what I ordered.
The translucent stuff is agar,
and it has sweet been past and white rice stuff on it.
It comes with syrup. I loved it

Iced shiratama, Hiro had this.
It’s sweet bean drink with white rice stuff.
Hot one is poplar, but this is served in cold.

It is soba past. Soba is the ingredient of Soba noodle.

Matcha azuki (seasonal menu)
Matcha mousse and sweet been past

Kaya webpage (Japanese) >>>

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