Monday, August 23, 2010

About Japanese confectionery I tried the other day

Some people asked me what the tastes of the sweets are like, which I introduce on the last post. These jelly-type sweets are popular in the summer. I don’t know exactly how they are made, but I think they are made of agar and sweated bean past. Brown one had brown sugar flavor and it had white sweated been past inside. White one had a comfortable natural sweetness.

It is difficult to explain the taste of sweated bean past. The bean past is called “An” or “Anko”, and used in many Japanese sweets, and very important. If you want to know how Japanese sweets tastes are like, you will need to know the sweated bean past, I think. I know some western people don’t like it, and some love it. Most of traditional Japanese confectioneries do not contain fatty stuff, like whip cream or batter. So the tastes are simple than western sweets. I hope someday you have a chance to try sweated been past, I mean Japanese confectionery, hopefully not cheap one, try nice one. Nice confectioneries will be smooth and has natural sweetness. They will really go with Japanese tea!!

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