Monday, September 21, 2009

Tea got bitter with 20 degree C water.

Hi, everyone! I tried the three time brewing method with different temperature water, again.

I changed some conditions from before.
Amount of tea leaves: 10g >>> 6g
First brewing: 10min >>> 5min, 5 degree C >>> 20 degree C
Second brewing: The same as before
Third brewing: 1 minute >>> 5 seconds

First brewing – five minutes with cold water (20 degree C, 68F)
For The rich umami (the fifth taste sensation, delicious flavor)

Second brewing – One minute with warm water (50 degree C, 122F)
For The great harmony of umami and bitterness

Third brewing – 5 seconds with boiling water
For The bitterness

I couldn’t get satisfied result. The first tea got bitterer with warmer water, and less richness with shorter brewing time and few tea leaves. The third tea was still too strong. I want to keep trying to find out my favorite recipe.

Have a nice day!

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