Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Matcha dessert for the summer at Tokoname

Good morning everyone!

Look at the size of a bowl of the shaved ice with matcha (kind of green tea) syrup. It was huge. I think there are fine shaved ice and bad shaved ice, and this one was fine shaved ice I liked. And more, it had condensed milk on top of it. Condensed milk is my favorite topping for shaved ice. I pretty much satisfied with it!

We also had a cup of iced matcha late. It was a unique late. Can you see green thing in a cup on the left? It is ice made of matcha. You make a late by pouring milk into the matcha ice cup. It was pretty nice.

We enjoyed the ice and late at a fancy café when we ware strolling around the historic district of Tokoname. In the district, there are many pottery studios, galleries, restaurants, cafes, and general stores. Most of them are renovated old ceramic factories, so they have some kind of nostalgia. It was very interesting place to strolling around.

Have a nice day!

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