Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tokoname-ware Festival

Where do you think it is?

It is a motorboat race track!

This is just an aside.  The races of the four; motorboat, hose, bicycle and motorcycle are only the races that you can legally gamble in Japan.

Konnichiwa, it’s Kohei who would have a bad luck on boat-race gamble and even he has never tried it (^^;; Chikin!  Well, there was a Tokoname-ware Festival held at Tokoname boat race track on Aug 20 &21.  I visited there to see a teapot artist who I’m asking to make original teapots for our shop.  I had a meeting with him and talked about the design for our teapots.  After the meeting I enjoyed the festival.  There were many craftsmen gathered with their works, and I could see a lot of unique teapots and could actually talk to the artists.  Each artist has their own thought on tea brewing and their teapots.  I was so excited about it.  I also enjoyed festival food and fireworks.  My favorite is chocolate coated banana on stick.

I’d like to come back next year again, or maybe to get-rich-quick^^  Jah!


  1. Kohei, konnichiwa.
    What a fantastic place this must be ! I would "sell my mother" to be there ! (shocking french expression !).

    Did you see pieces from Yamada So or Yoshiki Murata ? who are the japanese artists I prefer.

  2. Hi, lionel-san
    What a shocking expression! But I like that ^^
    I saw Mr Murata. He was friendly and showed me some of his works. They are nice!

  3. Hello Kohei, Do you know if this year 2014 will be a festival again?
    I will love to go!
    best regards from mexico

    1. According to,
      It is going to be held on Aug.23(Sat) and 24(Sun).
      However, they don't have detail information yet.

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