Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Color of Cups

Which tea you think looking delicious?


Konnichiwa, it’s me(^^)ノ  As you look at the picture above, they are all of the same tea but placed in different cups.   So, they all have the same taste.  But you might get a different impression by seeing them in different cups.  I think the color of the cups affects your total impression of the tea.

It is said that red stimulates your appetite, or warm color makes food look delicious.  It is also said that opposite colors accentuates the others.  However, the reason why a bunch of spinach is tied with a blue tape is to make the green color of spinach to be a lot more attractive.  So the idea seems not to be that consistent.  I have heard about many theories about color.  Now I wonder its effect to green tea.  So, I prepared green tea in different cups and took a picture.

I personally find the white cup "E" looking best.  White cups help show the natural color and adds to the impression that it looks delicious.  I wanted to find which is better for green tea, warm or cold colored cup.  Since the cups are in different shapes, I cannot fully determine how it truly affects them.  What I can only say is that I prefer a brighter colored cup.  Which one looks delicious to you?

The color of the cup is very important but don’t be so particular of the color too much.  It is just one of many elements for a good cup.  Design, shape, weight, texture, heat transfer, durableness, and usability are also important.  Jah!


  1. Personally, I think I prefer cup C, my eyes went directly to it. Very interesting comparison!

  2. Konnichiwa, sparris-san, I guess maybe because bluish cups makes the green color of tea more brilliant or attractive (^-^) Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hello Kohei!
    Very good idea which can add same another sense to savor delicious cup of green tea and also good idea for talking about during tea time. I like a lot "E" because of very fine colours contrast between tea and white cup and its gentle shape. I would choose this serving style for high grade gyokuro or small amount of good sencha. But for a cup of houjicha I prefer something like "B" in bigger version. I really like these warm colours for my evening houjicha :-)

  4. I also say C! It satisfies the eyes.

  5. Hi, Tomáš-san,
    I had not thought about serving tea in different cups, but that is going to be a great idea. It will be fun (^-^) I like drinking hojicha with a large cup as well!

  6. HI, Tsukimi-san
    Wow, C is popular. Some of my Japanese friends also say C is the best.

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