Monday, August 29, 2011

Namacha Sparkling

Bottled tea manufacturers try to release new products on each season.   There is one product that has caught my eyes this summer.


Konnnichiwa, it’s Kohei, who is looking forward to optical fiber networks for his home(^^)  Namacha is a popular bottled green tea produced by Kirin.  This summer I found Namacha The Sparkling!  Tea and sparkling??  I thought it was very weird combination.  It says it has a yuzu (Japanese lemon) aroma.  Alright, I’ll see.  I opened the bottle.  I smelled it.  I didn’t find green tea aroma there but the citrus.  I took a sip of it.  It was very refreshing.  You will find modest sweetness and citrus flavor.  It gives a mild flavor.  It is more like a plane soda so you can drink a lot of it like water.  It’s going to be great for a hot summer day. 

But well, where is green tea?  I didn’t realize the flavor of green tea.  So, I took some more sips and carefully tasted it.  Hum…, you could notice the flavor of bubs and fresh leaves of green tea.  But, it is slightly different from the common flavor of green tea.     It is very modest so I would not have noticed it if I was not told it is a green tea sparkling.


I think it is very interesting drink but it would not be my favorite drink.  I appreciate and enjoy that tea manufacturers try to produce new products!  As I’m watching the photo, I think I need to get my hair cut (^^;;  Jah!

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