Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kano_shojuan café

Do you have any nice café for Japanese tea in your city?   We do not have many around my neighborhood, but the other day I found one in Matsuzakaya department store in Nagoya.  The café is called kano-shojuan.  They are actually a confectionary chain shops.  This is one of their cafés. 

Konnichiwa, it’s me(^^)ノ I ordered an iced sencha tea set.  The set came on a tray and you brew the tea yourself.  The waitress gave me a quick instruction on how to prepare it.

First, pour the cold water into the cup to measure the right amount.

Pour it into the teapot.  The sencha leaves has already been in the pot.

Add one cube of ice, and wait for seven minutes.  When I heard the instruction, I thought seven minutes was pretty long, but actually it was not.  Seven minutes has passed in a fraction of a second over chatting at a nice café.

The tea was so smooth.  I think this type of slow brewing tea is the best for your quality time with your significant others.  Why don’t you give iced sencha brewing a try?  Jah!

Kano_shojuan webpage (Japanese) >>> http://www.kanou.com/tearoom.php


  1. Wow! The cafe looks so luxurious!
    I will try iced sencha today. :)

  2. Yap, the cafe was looking nice. Enjoy your tea!

  3. Come to Nagoya and try them (^-^)