Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sixteen Tea, a blended tea from Asahi

I got a free bottle of blended tea as a prize of a lottery at a convenience store yesterday. Not major, but blended teas are popular in Japan. I don’t personally drink them much. Sokenbi-cha from Coca-Cola Japan and Sixteen Tea (Juroku-cha) from Asahi are popular brands.
The one I got was the Sixteen Tea. This tea is brewed from sixteen different ingredients, such as some barley, soy, corn, eriobotryae folium, konbu-seaweed, sesame, bamboo grass and so on. I think it appeals to health-conscious people. It has an unique aroma. The taste is more like barley tea rather than sencha. It’s smooth and doesn’t have any weird taste, but I just prefer green tea flavor. It had a very nice, cozy aftertaste (^_^)

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