Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Akafuku café

When we went to the flower exhibition, we had tea at Akafuku café in Matsuzakaya department store. Akafuku is a popular sweets maker originally from Mie prefecture. They are popular for their Akafuku-mochi, which is a confection, a rice cake covered with sweet been paste. At the café, the menu was simple. It was just Akafuku-mochi, matcha, and shaved ice. They all come with hoji-cha. We both love Akafuku-mochi. What we had were a set of matcha and 2 pcs Akafukuu-mochi at 440yen, and another set of hojicha and 3 pcs Akafuku-mochi at 280 yen. We thought they were very reasonable. There was even a more reasonable set for hojicha and 2 pcs Akafuku-mochi at 190 yen. Nowadays, a cup of cafe latte costs around 370yen. We were very much satisfied with Akafuku-mochi and the price. The cafe is very good for a quick and casual tea break. We loved the café, and definitely want to come back every time when we come to Nagoya!

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