Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hiro wore kimono at the tea lesson

The generation of my grandparents used to wear kimono. Typical young people in Japan don’t ware it. There are not so many occasions to wear it nowadays. The young generations may or may not have one set of kimono, and they probably don’t know how to put it on by themselves. Hiro is one of them, but now we are taking The Way of Tea (or sado) lesson. Formally, you have to wear kimono at the tea ceremony. This is a good opportunity to learn about kimono. Putting kimono on for men is not so difficult, but you’ll need some practice for women’s kimono.

I have a set of kimono, but not for tea ceremony. So, I didn’t wear it this time. Hiro didn’t also have kimono for tea ceremony. For yesterday’s lesson, my mother lent Hiro her kimono, and helped Hiro to put it on. Hiro will learn how to wear it, and need practice for a while.
Kimono made Hiro change. The way she walk and her attitude looked better with kimono. I guess, maybe because kimono is pretty tight, so you cannot stride, and Hiro had to do things in style. Anyway, we loved kimono and enjoyed the lesson with it.

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