Monday, April 5, 2010

About Tea plant

Now the cheery trees are in full bloom, and I think this Sunday was the best time for cherry-blossom viewing here. Many people must have had parties at parks or viewing spots. Hiro and I wanted to go out, but we didn’t wanted to go to any major popular viewing spot, which must have be very crowded. So, we went for a walk to a riverside with lined cherry trees in our town yesterday. It was in late afternoon. A few parties were gathering. A little boy was playing baseball with his parents, and an elderly couple was taking around. It was really peaceful moment.

A friend of mine in Singapore, who read my blog about tea plane, asked me if you can grow a tea plant in a tropical climate like in Singapore.

I learned that green tea is produced in India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. I'm not so sure, but you may be able to grow tea plant in Singapore.

Tea plant is cultivated mainly in the Temperate and Subtropical zones.
**Ideal environment**
The average annual temperature: 13 degrees C or higher
The annual amount of precipitation: 1300ml or more.
Soil: mild acid
Climate: Temperate and Subtropical

**Two major types of tea plant**
Chinese type: shrub, Small leaf, growing in the Temperate zone, low in tannin, often used for green tea
Assam type: tall tree, big leaf, growing in the Subtropical to Tropical zone, high in tannin, often used for English tea

I believe that most tea plants produced in Japan are Chinese type. It is said that about 80% of tea plant cultivated in Japan is Yabukita breed, which I bought (Picture above). Yabukita has been popular for early harvest, high-yielding, and the quality. But also it seems other miner breeds are getting popular now for their individuality. I guess the time is changing from mass production era to the time for diversity and individuality.