Friday, December 16, 2011

Things in a sifter

My previous tea master and current master buy matcha from the same shop.  It’s an old small tea shop in the town.  I love the matcha from this tea shop; it’s the best ever.  The other day, I saw something unusual at the shop.

The lady at the shop usually take out matcha from boxes, but this time she went to mills and open a drawer under one of the mills.   In the drawer, there was a powdery substance spread from the mill.  She collected and scooped it and put it into a sifter. 
Which she gathered and put into a sifter.

I found something in the sifter.  The photo may not be so clear but you can still see something there.  They look like small balls.  Can you tell what they are? 

Well, the lady told me that they are the fruit of tea plant.  They are the things you can find after the flower wilts and its petals come off the plant.  She said that she puts them in the sifter to quicken the sifting.  She sifted matcha.  It was sure fast.  It was a new discovery at a usual shop.  She packed and wrapped the matcha with accomplished manner as usual.  

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