Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fubuki, a utensil used in the tea lesson last night


Can you tell what this utensil is for?  There are many types of utensil existing in the world of The Way of Tea.  Our master introduces a new utensil in our class from time to time.  I like to show some of them sometimes in this blog.

This is a tea container.  Types of container are distinguished by their form.  The most common type is chunatsume which is often used in our lessons.  Last night in the lesson, we used a different type called fubuki.  Despite of the rounded form of chunatsume, fubuki has a cylindrical shape with chamfered edges. 

The entire ceremony with fubuki goes the same as chunatsume’s, but there are two very minor differences in its treating manner.   First difference is that of the holding position.  When you pick up the container, we hold chunatsume from upper-side, but you need to hold fubuki from right side.  Another difference is the motion of purifying.  In the beginning of the ceremony, we wipe the lid of the container with silk cloth to purify.  You need to wipe fubuki with straight stroke and rounded stroke with chunatsume.  You might think “what minor differences?!” and so what. 

I honestly don’t know the reason for the differences, but we learn these manners in the lessons.  I hope I can realize the reasons through my career and also I would like you to learn with me by reading my blog.

This is chunatsume.

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