Monday, February 28, 2011

Japanese tea goes with jazz

Do you know what sound you can hear in Japanese tea room? No music is played. Other than the sound of people talking, the calm room is occupied by sounds such as the high whistling pitch of boiling water from an iron kettle. And once in a while the sounds from tea scoop and tea whisk for preparing tea may fill the air. Sometimes you can also hear the sounds of nature, like the sound of rain or branches swaying from the breeze. Please try to imagine how peaceful it is.

I love the peaceful moment that I experience in the tea room. But we can also enjoy Japanese tea differently in today’s lifestyle. What if you play music while having Japanese tea? What music do you listen to on your tea time? Hip-hop? Classic? Rock? I definitely go with jazz. Japanese love imperfection in things and find beauty in them. That’s why I think the random note of jazz fits for Japanese-style. Take out your CDs or iPod, and enjoy music with Japanese tea. As you relish coffee and jazz in a fancy café, you will enjoy Japanese tea with jazz. You will notice jazz is not only for a cafe or bar. Music can create a totally different world of Japanese tea. Why don’t you try it after today’s dinner?


  1. I couldn't agree with you more on this. I usually drink tea in silence but when I am not, I am definitively listening to jazz. Bebop is generally my first choice.

  2. Hey, David-san. I love Bebop, too! My favorite!!

  3. Hello Kohei,

    In the silent way ...of Tea!
    Pitch of boiling water is wonderful like sound of great teapot Zhu Ni.

    But an another day,if You want to listen Jazz and bass :

    Best Regards;

    . PHILIPPE .

  4. Philippe-san, Cool website!! Great photos and Full of music. I loved it (^-^)