Friday, February 18, 2011

Green tea for metabolic syndrome?

According to the TV show I mentioned yesterday, the mortalities at Kakekawa-shi is 15% lower on cerebrovascular disease and 30% lower on cardiac disease from the Shizuoka prefecture average.

There was a big research in Kakekawa to prove a causal relationship between green tea and health benefit. They checked the effects by giving examinees pills for three months. The pill used on the research contained the condensed green-tea essence of about 600ml (21oz) of brewed tea. One group was taking the green-tea pill and the other group was taking the fake pill. The people who took the green-tea pill got 9.02 points lower on bad cholesterol and 1.86cm (0.73in) smaller on their waist size in the average. The group of the fake-pill did not get much impact. It is amazing to get the result without any special exercise or diet restriction. The effect of green-tea pill is as good as taking medicines from doctors. So, they concluded that green tea has huge effect on improving and preventing arteriosclerosis and metabolic syndrome.

Most Kakekawa green-tea lovers prefer to have a deep-steamed type. Deap-steamed sencha looks dark and has fine floating pieces in the brewed tea. The floating pieces contain beta-carotene, vitamin-E and chlorophyll which you don’t find much in regular sencha. So, drinking deep-steamed sencha daily is good for health benefits.

When you drink deep-steamed sencha, the fine pieces remain on the bottom of cup. I am not so comfortable with the muddy part of tea. But according to the TV program, it is best for your health. On the show, Kakekawa people were moving their cup in circular motion to agitate it as they drink the tea. So you can drink whole essence of green tea. Maybe I should try it ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

I drink about 600ml (21oz) of green tea almost daily. I hope I’ll have the health benefit as Kakekawa people have. It seems that consuming the tea leave itself has the benefit. Then I wonder if drinking matcha is more effective.

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