Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome drink at ryokan, Japanese-style hotel

ずっとサボってたけど今日久しぶりにウォーキングしましたv(^o^)v 三日坊主で終わらなければいいけど。。。

We visited Gero hot spring resort in Gifu prefecture on New Year holidays two years in a row from 2010. We stayed in Sumeikan, a ryokan or Japanese-style hotel. Omotenashi-spirit which means hospitality is valued in The Way of Tea. You can also find omotenashi at ryokan as well. I would like to talk about the trip and ryokan focusing on omotenashi-spirit for a week.

This year, we stayed at Suimeikan for two days, one day at a regular room and a nicer room on the next day. They served tea to welcome guests. Sencha was served at the regular room. Matcha was served at the nicer room. At Suimeikan, tea was prepared in other room and brought to us. At some ryokan, the welcome tea can be prepared by a maid in your room. At some reasonable ryokan, you will find a tea set on the table and prepare the tea yourself.

Sencha with some snacks at the regular room
The tea came in a cup with lid.

Matcha at the higher-grade room


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