Thursday, January 27, 2011

Batabatacha-tea from Toyama prefecture

I tried another local tea from Toyama prefecture called batabatacha at the tea workshop. Batabatacha is served when you invite neighbors to your house on ceremonial occasions. It is black tea (Post-fermented tea) which is originates from China. It is also whisked like botebotecha which I introduce yesterday, but you don’t put the toppings in the tea. You just have pickles and light meal as snacks with the tea. I was expecting a very distinctive taste of black tea, but it wasn’t so bad. I though the tea got milder after whisking.

The tea brewed tea is dark brown. A double whisk is used for this tea

Whisk the tea by moving the whisk to right and left, not back and forth like matcha or botebotecha.

We had some pickles with the tea.

Video from the tea workshop (Japanese)
Sorry, the sound is not clear


  1. Kohei, I am struggling trying to find the special bamboo whisk, do you know where I could purchase one?
    Thank you!


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