Thursday, January 20, 2011

Onsenji-temple in Gero, Gifu prefecture

We just felt like going for a walk and wanted to go somewhere during our stay in Gero. We took a walk to Onsenji-temple. It was nothing special; a small and quiet temple in the town. .

Long stairs to the temple

Again, here is kadomatsu. I mentioned it yesterday.

Click for the large image

Can you tell what the white pieces on the branches are?

These are written fortunes on small pieces of paper.

You can draw sacred lots to tell your fortunes at temples or shrines. If you draw a good fortune, you take it home with you. If you draw a bad fortune, you tie the paper on a tree at the temple or shrine and leave it there. This is what I’ve heard, but there are some different beliefs. Some people tie the paper whatever fortune he or she draws. But, I don’t care much about this kind of stuff, ha ha ha (^^;;

View from the back of the temple

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