Monday, June 28, 2010

Sweets of June

This weekend we went to our favorite confection store, Azumaken. We love them for their beautiful looking confections, which I think the best in our town. This sweetfish is confectionary. Doesn’t it look real?

What we bought were these four. (from left ,hydrangea, swallow, firefly, hydrangea)
Can you see the light yellow dots in the third confectionary from the left? They are image of fireflies fling in the dark.


  1. That fish... it scared me, it looks like real fish! One of my friends has phobia of fish, I hope she will never see this. :D
    But all these sweets look wonderful... Japanese confection-making is real art!

  2. It looks very real, doesn’t it? In this season, many confection stores make sweetfish confectionary, but the one from Azumaken has the highest quality in artistic perfection and reality, I think (^-^)