Friday, June 18, 2010

Manner regarding saucer

What saucer do you use? I use black urushi lacquered saucers, especially when I serve tea for my guests. Just adding saucer make the tea look much better! Here is a quiz for you about a manner regarding Japanese saucers.

How do you serve tea with a saucer for guests?
A. Put the cup on a saucer, and serve the cup and saucer together.
B. Place a saucer in front of the guest on the table first, and then put the cup on it.

Which do you think would be better?  A or B?

The answer is …

A. Put the cup on a saucer, and serve the cup and saucer together.

Let me elaborate it a little more. When you carry the tea to the table, putting a cup on a saucer might be little unstable. You don’t want to spill the tea, so don’t have to put the cups on saucers then. You put the cups and saucers separately on a tray, and carry the tray to the table.

Place the tray on tatami-mats or on a side table, and then put the cup on the saucer ...

And serve them together. In addition, if the cup has a noticeable motif or design, it will be the front of the cup. So, serve the cup with the front face to the guest. And if the saucer has wood-grain pattern, place the saucer with the wood-grain horizontally to the guest.


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