Friday, June 25, 2010

Iced sencha, my recipe of trial and error

It’s still in the rainy season here. But it’s also getting hot toward the summer, and I have more chance to have iced tea rather than hot tea. My choices for drinks at work are usually iced mugicha, sencha, or coffee. The other day, I made iced sencha, and I loved the cold refreshing tea with the nice bitterness. Since then I tried the sencha a couple of times, but I couldn’t make it as good as the first sencha I prepared. There are many way to prepare iced sencha. At this time I brewed strong sencha with hot water, and poured into a glass filled with ice cubes. At the first preparing, I didn’t take a memo. So, I don’t remember the specific recipe. What I remember is I used plenty leaves (to make tea strong), hotter water than usual (for the good bitterness), shorter brewing time (not to ruin the umami by too strong bitterness). I’ll try making the tea today again. Wish me for luck!

Today’s recipe is…

Sencha 5g in 140ml teapot
Ice cubes 160g (about 3/4 of the cup) in 360ml cup

90 degrees C (194F) water 140 ml
Infuse 1 minute

Pour the tea into the cup with ice


It was almost as good as I had before, but slightly better. I liked it, but this recipe will be perfect with a little adjustment. I could have used less leaves (maybe 4 g?) or little lower water temperature (maybe 85-80C, 185-176F). I’ll try again sometime!

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