Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Smart tea serving restaurant

Hello, everyone! How are you doing today?

Last night we had dinner at a shabushabu restaurant for my dad’s birthday. Shabushabu is a one-pot dish made at the table by cooking vegetables and slices of meat in boiling water and eaten with a soy and vinegar-based or sesame-based sauce. I like this shabushabu restaurant because they have very the nice and rich sesame sauce. That‘s my favorite.

There is one more thing what I like about them. I think they have good understanding about tea. They serve hojicha during the meal, and a cup of sencha with dessert after meal. Hojicha is good for refreshing you up at meal, and with shencha you can relax and enjoy the tea and dessert. I think serving two different teas are very smart and thoughtful of them. I don’t know many restaurants who serve multiple kinds of tea.

By the way, they serve ice cream for dessert. I choose green tea flavor(^-^)
Have a nice day!!

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