Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I tried green tea coke.

Hi, who are you doing, everyone? This Sunday I found the new flavor coke at a convenience store. Since I wrote about the new coke, green tea flavor on my Jun 5 blog, I have been curious about it. I could not imagine how the taste of green tea and coke is like.
Jun 5 blog >>> "Green tea coke!?"

I found tons of green tea coke on the shelf at the convenience store we stopped by. I got one and opened it in front of the store. Its color is the same as regular coke, and smell… Well, it smells like regular coke to me. Or did I smell a different odor little? Was that green tea smell? I could not tell. And I gulped the coke. Hmm, it was just a coke. That means it tastes good! I liked it. It is pretty much the same as the diet coke I usually drink, but you can notice sight of green tea flavor in the aftertaste. Coke is a strong flavor, so it is difficult to find some other flavor in it. If I was not told it’s a green tea flavor coke, I would not notice it. I guess coca-cola didn’t want to make it to too maniac flavor.

It is a little disappointment to not have much green tea flavor, but in other words it is similar to my favorite diet coke flavor. So, the green tea coke will definitely be an option to me!!

Have a nice day!

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