Monday, June 22, 2009

Powder tea at kaiten-zushi (sushi-go-round) restaurant

How are you doing, everyone!

This weekend, I and Hiro went to a kaiten-zushi (belt-conveyor sushi) restaurant. They are popular chain store and provide sushi in very low price. Any sushi plates (usually two pieces) are 105 yen. Don’t you think it is so cheap?

There was powder green tea and plastic cups are stacked at the table. This powder green tea is different from matcha, it is much lower-grade tea. You put powdered tea into a cup and pour hot water into it. That’s it. At this restaurant, there is a faucet for hot water at each table. The tea was so-so. I liked white fish sushi and shrimp with avocado sushi very much!!

Have a good day!

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