Thursday, May 23, 2013

Form of ash

From this month, a brazier is used in the tea lessons instead of a sunken hearth.  It’s the common style for summer.

The charcoals are placed on ash inside of the brazier.  The tea people even care about the form of the ash.  You paddle the ash to create a beautiful figure like a landscape using spatulas before the guests come.  There are different styles of the form.  I have not learned about it yet.  I can imagine that it will take time to create it neatly.  You put your mind and effort to the thing that doesn’t last; the flower arrangement in the tea room as well.  You pursue the short-lived beauty and that’s why the tea gathering becomes so precious.  It may be one of the secrets that the tea ceremony attracts people.

My teacher prepared the ash before the class started.  She said that she was not satisfied with her ash work that day.  Well, Sado, The Way of Tea is so profound and I still have many things to learn. 


  1. Ah, you are right about tea gatherings being so precious because of these short-lived things.

    I wonder if the ash form is different with different braziers? The brazier you show is the more open kind; I wonder if the ash form looks different in the more closed kind, is it called a cho-sen kind of brazier?

    By the way, I think you mean ash "form" instead of "foam"?

    Thank you always for your informative posts!


    1. Thank you for letting me know the mistake on my English. I’ve corrected them.

      I have not learned about the forms of ash at my tea school yet, so I don’t know details. But, I have read that you make the ash in 一文字押切, ichimonjioshikiri style for眉風炉, a mayuburo like a chosenburo. The 一文字押切, ichimonjioshikiri is that you create two straight mountains horizontally on the near and far side in the brazier. The book is for Omotesenke. I’ve posted a photo of the book on our facebook >>>

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