Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to tie the ribbon on a wooden box

When you buy a good Japanese tea ware, it usually comes in a wooden box.  It is nicely tied with a flat string.  Once you open the box, some of you might have trouble to properly retie the string when storing the piece.  Today, I’ll show you how to tie the ribbon. 

One advice!
Keep the string flat always not to twist it.

Place the ribbon like in the picture
Have the strings in the same length for both extending to the right and towards you
In my description, the string is put over the left corner of the box; there is a case wherein it starts with the right corner. If so, do the all the procedure in reversing right and left.

Try not to tie the knot too tight. It might damage the string
Have the ribbon symmetric



  1. Dear Kohei,thank you very much for this invaluable piece of information !!

    1. I hope it helps you to tie the ribbon.

  2. Thank you Kohei!
    I always have trouble with tying things in the mizuya....

    1. Wow, you have some tea implements that come in a wooden box! That’s nice!!